Hedgerow House Art Exhibits

Hedgerow House highlights an artist of the month on its walls throughout the summer season, giving guests and visitors the opportunity to see some of the creative talent found on Salt Spring Island. The Gulf Islands are a magnet for artists of every kind and we shine a light on local painting, sculpture, weaving, textile art and other creative mediums. From pottery to print making, from water colour to woodworking, from jewellery to sculpture, you will find every artistic discipline represented here.

Biographies of the artists on display and catalogues of their work will be available. All art pieces displayed are for sale.

For an archive of monthly exhibits see below.

The Salt Spring Art Scene

Salt Spring is a haven for artists of every kind. Galleries and studios abound. You can you stroll among the galleries in Ganges, visit the artists in their studios (by appointment) or attend one of the many special exhibitions. Check the Calendar of Events to see what’s on when you are visiting the island. We are happy to make introductions or appointments to visit one of the many artists. In addition there is the Salt Spring Studio tour, which takes in  many artisan studios and gives the visitor the opportunity to visit local artisans in their place of work. Pick up a Studio Tour map and go explore.

Hedgerow House Artist of the Month Exhibits

May 2019 – Michela Sorrentino

Michela Sorrentino born in Montreal, Canada and studied art in Vancouver Canada before heading to Europe to further her studies in art and textile design. She studied in Paris, France and then worked many years as a textile designer in France, Italy and Spain. She later returned to Canada and worked as a graphic designer. These formative years created a fertile ground for Sorrentino’s past and current work.

Sorrentino juxtaposes bold design and unusual colour combinations with dramatic mark making and unique symbols that reflect an intuitive style of working. Within each of Sorrentino’s works are layer upon layer of marks, which she often combines with larger organic or architectural shapes as well as graffiti inspired typography that recalls a language without being too literal. The abstract images that form her art are symbols for what interests the artist in her every-day life. These are personal images for Sorrentino and are true reflections of her spontaneous responses to the visual world around her.

April 2019 – Seth Berkowitz

Seth moved to Salt Spring Island in 2003, opening Galleons Lap Atelier and Gallery, then the only commercial gallery west of Toronto devoted exclusively to photographic art. Seth’s most recent work has been exhibited at the SSNAP Parallel Show, the Sooke Fine Art Show, the SSAC ArtCraft Showcase, and David Wisdom’s Summer Slide Show Series at the VAG.

His work can also be seen at the SSAC Easter Show in April, and in June as part of the inaugural Salt Spring PhotoFest.

October 2018 – Cinda Helm

Cinda grew up on a ranch in Northern BC, north of Fort St. John.  Upon leaving the north, she went to UVIC, obtaining a B.Ed and M.Ed.   Cinda dabbled in watercolour painting for personal pleasure as an amateur before picking up an oil brush in 2012.  That change in medium, and a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art, led to the creation of the Coffee Girl paintings.  The Dallas Museum of Art was the first time Cinda had seen the works of cubist master Jean Metzinger, a colleague of Pablo Picasso. She was inspired to look at his work online. Cinda first submitted a painting into a juried show in 2017.  She was honoured and delighted to have “Morning Addictions” accepted into the 2017 SSNAP Parallel Art show. This inspired her to join the Salt Spring Art Gallery so her artwork could be appreciated by both local and international collectors.


September 2018 – Ulana Switucha

Ulana Switucha has travelled and photographed internationally for over 30 years. Her first camera was a Brownie. But the passion for photography was ignited many years later while shooting from the summit of Mount Fuji with her first SLR. She is inspired by light, shape and tone and is drawn by the clarity and awareness of creating an image. She says: “Through photography I find silence and stillness.”

Ulana’s work has been exhibited and published internationally. Working with the Royal Asiatic Society, she was also a contributing photographer for a documentary study of one of Hong Kong’s oldest neighbourhoods: In the Heart of the Metropolis: Yaumatei and Its People

August 2018 – Kasumi and Rolando Lampitoc


Kasumi’s motivations are from nature, simple shapes and forms. Subtle lines or accents are enough to finish the piece. She values simplicity. The pieces are thrown, hand-built or a combination of the both. She uses ash glaze and fire to cone 10 in electric kiln. Kasumi has received received several awards & grants including honourable mention from the Sidney Fine Art Show in 2015. She will participate in a group show this August at Iwasa Gallery in Kamakura, Japan and her work can be found at “Circle Craft Gallery” on Granville Island, Vancouver.







Rolando says of his work: “Experimentation is my journey to art. Without being partial to any materials or methods, the spontaneous and expressive practice is my ambition. Any subject is my motivation, whether be landscapes or figures. All needs to be interpreted either in colour or in black & white.” Rolando originally worked as a Graphic Artist for over 35 years in Toronto, Ontario and is now focused on art full-time. He has participated in various group shows and art events in and around the Toronto area. His works are in oil, watercolour, acrylic, graphite, pen & ink and charcoal, and he is accomplished in other techniques such as serigraphy, woodblock printing and encaustic art.


July 2018 – Jill Louise Campbell

Educated in Quebec, Canada and a year of study at The Sorbonne, Paris. Jill immersed herself in museums and galleries soaking in art and history of Europe. She followed in her grandmother’s and aunt’s footsteps – both exhibited artists in Montreal. Jill’s command of the positive and exuberance of life is evident through a romanced fairytale interpretation of her home surroundings and travels to Italy, France, Ireland, India and Tibet. She was deeply influenced by Marc Chagall. Her whimsy has a depth that resonates at a soul level. Home, a small island off the west coast of Canada, Salt Spring Island, feeds her reverence with nature. Her medium is watercolour, gouache, oil, and a mixed media of gold leaf, fabric, and pen and ink.

June 2018 – Paul Robert Bryans

From an early age Paul was inspired to paint and has followed his passion throughout his life, through formal training and several decades of personal exploration and development as an artist. He says: “we are bombarded daily with images of the human condition. We live in a time of instant icons, engendering new interpretations of reality at a rapid rate. In relation to my work, this sets the stage for a visual dialogue, something for each viewer to interpret differently.” Paul has held solo and group shows in Victoria, B.C. and Salt Spring Island since 1989. He was was a founding member of the Alliance of Salt Spring Artists, a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and Salt Spring Arts Council. His paintings are in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Japan. Paul joined the Salt Spring Gallery in 2017 and his work can be viewed at

TheReserveTrail_72dpi12x24May 2018 – Daina Deblette

Celebrating 15 years this spring as a professional oil painter, Canadian artist Daina Deblette’s show for Hedgerow House’s May Artist Series also debuts as her official welcoming from Nova Scotia’s eastern shore to Salt Spring Island. This collection of oil paintings documents her adventures from a year of travel through North and Central America (2014-2015), through her seamless transition as she falls in love with the west coast.
Daina has been teaching art to children and adults since 2006, beginning at a P-8 private school, Bedford Academy, and expanding throughout her travels around the world. Following her passion to spread the joy of creativity, she opened Ocean Art Studio & Gallery, Salt Spring’s island and ocean-inspired fine art gallery and teaching studio where she holds workshops and art camps in all media, including encaustic wax to attuned abstraction, creative journalling and paint parties. You can find her at the Studio painting or teaching from 12-4 daily. The Studio is located at 19A-315 Upper Ganges Road in Merchants’ Mews above the Barber Shop. To learn about upcoming workshops and art camps, visit or visit
“I live, work and play by the ocean, filling my time with painting and teaching art. My oil paintings tell stories of places I’ve travelled to and fallen in love with, places I long to return to, and moments in time that seemed to stand still long enough for me to soak them up.” ~ Daina

April 2018 – Robert Moss

Robert Moss is a Salt Spring Islan_DSC8058d artist and has been a resident for 30 years. His show, named ‘Blatant Symmetry, a View from the Car Deck’, offers us a selection of mostly recent paintings, drawings and photographs.
Please join us for a reception on Saturday, April 14th from 5-7pm to meet Robert, view his paintings and photography, and to hear him talk about his career.
Proceeds from art sales go towards a scholarship for a Grade 12 student at the Gulf Island Secondary School.

October 2017 – Judy McPhee

Sunset at Ruckle ParkJudy McPhee was born in Edmonton and grew up in British Columbia. Working with her husband Thomas, she learned the pate de verre technique of cast glass as well as stone casting and finishing. Currently she is involved in working with textiles, creating luxurious art cushions based on drawing by Thomas as well as one of a kind fabric shoulder bags.


Recently, Judy has been active in photography, as seen here in these photos. She is a member of the Salt Spring Photography Club and exhibits her photos with the Club shows and in spaces around Ganges.

September 2017 – Tracy Harrison

Tracy is a self-taught, multimedia artist working with a variety of materials which include clay, paint, charcoal, found objects and fibre optics. Images are created from the heart and their essence is of a spiritual, emotive and organic nature.

altarofchi_wh Inspired by her travels in Asia and a course on black ink brush painting in Thailand, Tracy began developing her own style of collage using black ink brush strokes with liquified acrylic orbs. She uses handmade paper from Thailand and developed both scroll like presentations and framed floating work in shadow boxed frames. Tracy also pursued a line of animal forms using a few strokes as possible to render the animal form. Check out the the two-stroke bear or the one stroke geckos. Tracy has also written poems to accompany some of the works.

August 2017 – Gillian Gandossi

Gillian-paintingGillian is inspired by nature’s timeless and ever-changing beauty. Observing natural rhythms and harmony in our world provide an endless source of wonder for her.

Whimsical compositions, with a unique style of visual representation, develop in her home-studio as she explores memories and photographs. The process is intuitive and imaginative. What begins as observing and sketching evolves into rhythmic layering of colored, acrylic paints. The images grow, as brushes follow the flow of forms and explore the repetition of patterns.

Observing nature’s timeless and ever-changing beauty and trying to communicate it through painting is a constant reminder for me of that great mystery – the source of creation and love.

July 2017 – Florence Roberge

fr_20130426024After an early career as a printmaker/artist, florence returned to university and became a social worker. Later, she obtained a law degree and worked as a lawyer in the field of aboriginal law, all the while continuing to paint and draw. Since 1999, she has been able to work as an artist full-time. For the last 15 years, she has lived and worked at ‘Bunbury’ on Salt Spring Island. It is an idyllic setting with an ocean view, a large garden and a beautiful studio.

Florence does not have a formal fine arts degree but makes no claim to being self-taught. She points to many, generous mentors and colleagues as inspiration. She has also spent several weeks a year in Europe for the last 12 years and has been exposed to the best of European art, both historical and contemporary.

Florence’s work has been purchased by private collectors across N. America and in Europe and Australia and is part of several public collections, including that of the Burnaby Art Gallery and of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation in Vancouver.

June 2017 – Eva Francis

Eva Francis is a contemporary West Coast landscape painter. She received her BFA from the University ofFullSizeRender-2 Manitoba, and studied Communication Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Born and raised in the interior of British Columbia, she pursued a career in graphic design.

It was at a gallery in Banff, Alberta, where she first saw a painting using wax, then at a number of galleries in Europe where they were labelled as mixed media. Intrigued, she did some research on the internet and found some workshops in the US. Since then she has taken part in a number of shows on the North Shore, Vancouver and Salt Spring Island.


You can find Eva in her garden studio in West Vancouver most days, after she has gone on a hike or snowshoe on the North Shore Mountains. Her windows look out on the Strait of Georgia (Salish Sea) and Gulf Islands where freighters, seaplanes and flocks of crows are seen on their daily commute.

May 2017 – Ilse Leader

ROSE EditedIlse’s formal training in Germany was in the fashion industry, learning the art of designing, pattern making and the making of garments.

With that background she decided to make garments from hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven fabric. Inspired by the beauty of Salt Spring Island and the range of colours one experiences, colour and the finishing of the garments became my trade mark.

After about 35 years of making hand woven garments, she switched to knitting, which she had used to create “one of a kind” garments. Her next step was to make garments from hand felted materials, and from there she moved to integrating the full size of the felted garments in her artwork.

View more of Ilse’s artwork and garments at Salt Spring Gallery

April 2017 – Janice Parker

"Pop" Acrylic on canvas

“Pop” Acrylic on canvas

The Artist of the month for  April 2017 is Janice Parker

Janice’s formative years began with pencils, charcoal, pencil crayon and watercolour as she explored subjects, birds and animals, in great detail. Today her focus is often on flowers in gestural strokes with acrylic paints on canvas. Her desire is to bring beauty out with bright colours and movement, using bold strokes.

Janice loves experimenting and it is the wonder and process of creating art that draws her attention to her craft.

(250) 538-7487



September & October 2016 – Stefanie Denz


Stefanie Denz, MFA University of Auckland (1989), is primarily a painter and interested in body language and spatial relationships. She is influenced by Eduard Manet, the earlier sculptures of Alice Aycock(b.1946) and filmography. Stefanie has received numerous awards; Canada Council; 1999, 2003, BC Arts Council collaborative grant 2010, and has exhibited in New Zealand, Germany, USA and Canada. Most recently she enrolled in Transarts Institute 2014 Berlin residency. Stefanie teaches and is involved in community arts on Saltspring Island, BC, Canada, where she lives with her family.

Lisa Lipsett

July & August 2016

Lisa’s work as an artist, author and teacher focuses on sharing the transformative power of painting with Earth and heart. She nurtures joyful creative connection and authentic personal expression through art. Lisa does this via in person and online art courses, experiential nature art encounters, and thoughtfully crafted self study resources because she believes art-making is our birthright. Everyone has the ability to create with natural ease. Her photo-art and mixed media paintings bring natural pattern to life.  Each painting is a passionate expression of feeling into another life.  Lisa holds a Doctorate in Transformative Learning from the University of Toronto and here’s her CV. She lives, works and plays on Salt Spring Island, BC.



Gillian McConnell

3403451April & May 2016

Gillian began painting in 1997 and developed a unique visual signature incorporating photography and collage. An interdisciplinary artist, she has produced representational, abstract and symbolic work in a variety of media including acrylics, gouache, pastels, graphite, photography, textiles, poetry and found objects. In 2009, she co-founded OXOgraphy, a conceptual art collective. She has curated, promoted and staged many group and solo exhibitions locally and in Australia.

Gillian lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, where she also teaches art classes, models for drawing groups and frames pictures for Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art.

Josephine Fletcher


February  & March 2016

Josie is from Hornby island. She has painted most of her life,usually out in the landscape with oils on canvas. Graduating in 1983 with a Diploma of Arts from the Emily Carr College in Vancouver,BC. She has travelled extensively, returning to show her works over the years at the Hornby Island Community Hall as well as on the islands of Haida Gwaii and Vancouver. Josie now  makes her home on Salt Spring Island.   Contact information: