After an early career as a printmaker/artist, florence returned to university and became a social worker. Later, she obtained a law degree and worked as a lawyer in the field of aboriginal law, all the while continuing to paint and draw. Since 1999, she has been able to work as an artist full-time. For the last 15 years, she has lived and worked at ‘Bunbury’ on Salt Spring Island. It is an idyllic setting with an ocean view, a large garden and a beautiful studio.

Florence does not have a formal fine arts degree but makes no claim to being self-taught. She points to many, generous mentors and colleagues as inspiration. She has also spent several weeks a year in Europe for the last 12 years and has been exposed to the best of European art, both historical and contemporary.

Florence’s work has been purchased by private collectors across N. America and in Europe and Australia and is part of several public collections, including that of the Burnaby Art Gallery and of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation in Vancouver.