July 2015

Eva Francis was born and raised in BC. She attained her BFA from University of Manitoba, and continued her studies at Parsons School of Design in NYC. On a clear day, the landscapes of the BC coast are some of the most breathtaking of any place on Earth, but in the dark and wet of winter, it is sometimes difficult to see beauty. On those days I go outside to get fresh air, and in the process, experience the views with all my senses.

The landscape becomes atmospheric; colours are suspended in the air. The view changes from grey to green in moments. Then when the sunlight seeps through, however fleeting – it gives my spirits a lift that keeps me going.

In the attempt to capture that feeling as the weather changes before me, my focus is on the close and the distant views. I hope when you look at my paintings, you share my perception of this special place.

IMG_6461Encaustic painting is an ancient technique that has had a resurgence in popularity with the advent of better tools and technology. It is also known as hot wax painting involving the use of molten beeswax tinted with pigments that are applied with brushes to a wood panel or cradleboard. Each layer is fused to the previous layer using a torch, iron, or heat gun. The surface can be manipulated with incising tools, etc, to add or reveal layers below and to add texture. Objects, such as paper, string and metal may also be embedded into the layers. https://evafrancis.com/