Elehna’s artistic process, like her life, has been multi-faceted and exploratory. Born and raised in Hong Kong, of Goan ancestry, she came to Canada in 1967 for higher studies. After many adventures and a career in the healing arts, Elehna moved to Salt Spring Island in 2003. “In 1990, on one of my adventures, I travelled to Salt Spring Island, attracted by the catchy name, and within a space of 2 days bought a piece of land that I was equally enchanted with.  It took another 13 years before I was able to move here on a permanent basis, proving, in my case, that patience does pay off in the end!” She feels blessed to be able to live in an environment that nourishes and supports her artistic soul and creative process in photography, mixed-media art and the poetic forms of haiku and tanka. 
Her work has been exhibited on Salt Spring Island, at the Sidney and Sooke Fine Art Shows ( juried), and hangs in private collections. Her photographic art is also available at the Reflecting  Spirit Gallery, locations in Tofino and in Ucluelet.

Please call (250) 538-1716 for an appointment to view Elehna’s work during the month of June.